#Marion, #Ohio, city council member Kai Meade, of the 1st Ward, said a volunteer…

#Marion, #Ohio, city council member Kai Meade, of the 1st Ward, said a volunteer initiative to clean the streets was started as a pilot program in July with the help of multiple city officials, the Marion Star reported.

“We figured this was a good way to work with the community to help clean up and improve the community,” Meade said. “Everyone likes a clean street. This seemed like a good way to show people that their tax dollars are at work to do things that directly benefit them.”

Participants in the clean-up effort include local residents, city officials, and people who have to complete their community service requirements mandated by Marion Municipal Court.

The volunteers have pulled all kinds of trash from their clean-up efforts, including tires, brush, and other items people have dumped.

“I think it’s just a good way for everyone to give back to the community because when you can be part of doing tangible things to make things better, I think it helps you buy into the community aspect of things,” Meade said.

Marion, Ohio, is not the only city to have a volunteer clean-up force in place. In August, the Bronx in New York City launched a borough-wide volunteer clean-up effort called “Stand Up Clean Up” to clean the litter off the city streets, WABC reported. #binspirednews



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