Matthew Stewart and his grandma used their burgeoning #TikTok popularity to post…

Matthew Stewart and his grandma used their burgeoning #TikTok popularity to post a video of an at-home “salon” day during #lockdown in April.

Matthew “Stewiez71” and his 87-year-old “Grandma Bobbe” saw overnight viral fame with a series of videos on TikTok, a China-owned social media app. The Destin, Florida, duo has already accumulated more than one million followers on their channel. But even Internet celebrities have to follow quarantine procedures, and even grandmothers get bored.

Seeing Grandma Bobbe disheartened by the inability to go to her regular hairdresser inspired Stewart to do something to make things better. On April 5, he posted a video in which he surprised his grandma with a “Quarantine Beauty Shop.” “She [was] kind of getting down, getting a little depressed because she didn’t have her usual salon day. So I figured I would try it out and see if I could maybe help her out a little bit and make her day,” Stewart told Fox News.

Stewart offered his favorite lady champagne alongside her wash, dry, and styling — to his grandmother’s effusive praise. But even though he is reluctant to let her go out, Bobbe just wants to get back to normal. “[I’ve] been bored to death. But I watch game shows religiously and I work crossword puzzles and that’s what keeps me going,” Bobbe told Fox News. “I’m an easy-going old lady and I’ve lived through a lot of things and I’m fine. I’m not worried about it.” “I would love to get out,” Bobbe added. “I can’t wander around, but I would love to go to the mall again. I need some new underwear, so I need to go shopping.” #binspirednews



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