Monitoring and Evaluation Action Guide: Wearing Masks as a COVID-19 Community Mitigation Strategy

Governments, organizations, and individuals support and promote community mitigation across settings and sectors with special attention to disproportionately affected populations

[Illustration Approach for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Wearing Masks decision tree flow chart first box on top; text]


Implement wearing masks as a community mitigation strategy that prevents spread of COVID-19, and maintain healthy environments and operations

[Illustration of arrows the go in circular motion; text]

Strengthen, focus, or relax mitigation strategies based on local context

[Illustration of arrow on right that goes to box; text]


Reduce exposure among individuals

[Illustration of arrow pointing down that goes to box; text]

Reduce transmission

[Illustration of arrow pointing down and to right that goes to box; text]

Reduce burden to the health care system


Minimize COVID-19 morbidity & associated mortality

[Illustration of arrow pointing down that goes to box; text]

Thrive socially, emotionally, and economically

[Illustration of box; text]

Critical considerations:

  • Assure individual and community ability to adopt and sustain wearing masks
  • Mitigate adverse effects and impacts on health disparities and social determinants of health
  • Foster mental and emotional health and resilience
  • Minimize negative physical, mental, and emotional challenges related to wearing masks

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