Neighbors in #Knoxville, #Tennessee, are making sure those unable to leave their…

Neighbors in #Knoxville, #Tennessee, are making sure those unable to leave their homes have whatever they need during the #Chinese #coronavirus #pandemic.

Kelly Arsenault is the chairperson for the Old North Knoxville Historic District’s Kindness Committee, a group offering assistance to people more susceptible to the disease, according to WBIR.

Even though the committee has been around for a while, Arsenault said it is needed now more than ever. “One of our goals is to really try to help neighbors who are in need and we do have those in our neighborhood as well,” she explained.

Her friend Kat recently created a Google form so residents could volunteer to run errands, pick up groceries, meal prep, or assist neighbors who must stay indoors for the time being. “Anything that might be helpful to a neighbor who either can’t get out or especially if they can’t travel in and expose themselves to areas where there are a lot of people,” Arsenault commented. “It’s a really useful tool to have that and know that you can depend on each other to help you out through this time,” she added.

Thursday, Gov. Bill Lee (R) declared a state of emergency in response to the coronavirus and assured residents that officials were working to respond to the disease. “While the risk to the general public remains low, we encourage all Tennesseans to exercise caution and maintain good hygiene practices as there are serious risks to our vulnerable populations,” Lee wrote. “We will continue to evaluate and adapt our position accordingly to fit what we believe is best for Tennesseans,” he concluded.

In light of the health crisis, the Kindness Committee hopes their idea will catch on in other areas where people might need a helping hand during such uncertain times. “So really trying to let our neighbors know that we can be there for them, and help each other through, I think it’s the best way to get through this together,” Arsenault said. #binspirednews



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