#NewOrleans native rap icon #MasterP is doing his part for #coronavirus relief b…

#NewOrleans native rap icon #MasterP is doing his part for #coronavirus relief by offering #NOLA senior citizens free hand sanitizer, home cleaning services, and is donating money for groceries.

The “How Ya Do Dat” rapper told TMZ that local residents over 60 years of age can apply for a deep cleaning of their homes as well as a supply of hand sanitizer at his expense. All they have to do is prove their residence and age with a state ID or driver’s license. “A lot of people forget about the elderly. And my thing is making sure we go out and get them groceries, make monetary donations to them,” Master P said. “A lot of people can’t get these hand sanitizers,” he continued. “We are probably the only ones in New Orleans that has it so we want to make sure that the elderly have it.” Master P’s foundation, Team Hope NOLA, had already ponied up cash donations to elderly residents for groceries, especially during this coronavirus crisis. Now he is adding the cleaning services and hand sanitizer to the effort.

The rapper also said he wants to help however he can as his city is hit with more than 45,000 cases of coronavirus, including 171 deaths.

The cleaning products are made by the rapper’s sons and their Master Clean Life cleaning products business. #binspirednews



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  1. This guy made trash music, his label made trash, yet as a business man he still ranks in the top 10 rap earners today! I’ve always respected his business mind and how he tried to keep alot of people around him earning. Snoop Dogg credited him with teaching him how to make his own money in rap. Glad to see h is still showing love to the place where he grew up

  2. To whom much has been given, from him is asked the more/-has a grateful compassionate heart. GB you.

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