On Monday, #Cincinnati #ChildrensHospital Medical Center announced the largest s…

On Monday, #Cincinnati #ChildrensHospital Medical Center announced the largest single #donation it has ever received.

#ConvalescentHospitalForChildren is giving #CincinnatiChildrensHospitalMedicalCenter a record-shattering $36 million to improve mental health care for children and teens. Local NBC affiliate WLWT reported that the money will be used to help build a $90 million, five-story “state-of-the-art inpatient facility at the #CollegeHill campus,” and “help expand much-needed mental health programs.” While most of the money will go straight to the new facility, roughly $6 million will be used to fund other mental health services. The hospital expects to raise another $30 million from the community, and fund the remainder from its operating revenue. “Mental illness is one of the most pressing health issues of our time,” said Cincinnati Children’s Hospital President and CEO Michael Fisher. “We are extremely grateful for this generous gift. With this, we will be better equipped to meet the growing mental health care needs of youth in our area and will continue our leadership in the field.” “Since inception, the mission and focus of Convalescent Hospital for Children has been that all families with children struggling with long-term chronic illnesses and the challenges of mental health have access to the very best in medical care available,” Convalescent Hospital for Children President Susan Shelton. “These children and their families have become our particular focus and passion because too often they have no place to turn for the understanding, help and support so desperately needed.” All told, the money seems to be in good hands. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is consistently rated among the top healthcare facilities in the country.

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