#Police in #SouthSaltLake, #Utah, replaced a woman’s #AmericanFlag after she bro…

#Police in #SouthSaltLake, #Utah, replaced a woman’s #AmericanFlag after she broke hers while defending her family.

When a man jumped over a fence and allegedly began attacking her brothers on Monday, 73-year-old Lejune Timmerman went into self-defense mode, according to KUTV.

“He beat them up for no reason. He was beating on me, choked me,” she said.

Moments later, Timmerman reached for an American flag that hung off her front porch.

“I grabbed my glory and starting beating the hell back … I whooped his ass and I’ll whoop it again,” she recalled.

In the process, Timmerman broke the flag pole as she fought him off and the others ran into the home.

The suspect, 42-year-old Justin Smith, reportedly kicked in the door and ran inside where he continued assaulting the victims, according to Fox 13.

Thankfully, police arrived soon after and took him into custody.

“He was arrested on suspicion of assault, aggravated assault, aggravated burglary and criminal mischief,” the Fox 13 report said.

Following the incident, Timmerman told the officers she was concerned her flag was desecrated because the pole was broken and the flag itself hit the ground.

“I told them, ‘hey, I didn’t mean to disrespect my flag, but he was hurting me and beating me,’” she explained.

To make her feel better, the officers took up a collection and bought her another one.

On its Facebook page Tuesday, the department shared photos of the officers mounting the flag on her front porch.

“The victims from the home invasion from 8/31/2020 in the 900 West block of 3300 South are recovering from their injuries. They are appreciative of the community’s support,” the department wrote in an update Wednesday.

Facebook users said they were glad no one was seriously hurt during the incident and thanked the officers for their kind gesture.

“Love the support you give to the community!! You all rock!! Thanks for all you do!” one person commented.

“What a real stand up job officers! #backtheblue,” another wrote. #binspirednews



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