#Police officers and a neighbor in #Mesa, #Arizona, rescued a man Tuesday when a…

#Police officers and a neighbor in #Mesa, #Arizona, rescued a man Tuesday when a car fell on him, trapping him underneath.

Devon Haycock was working on his wife Kaylin’s Honda Civic when one of the jacks he used to prop it up suddenly collapsed, according to Black Hills Fox.

“And he just barely shifted just to get his arm in a different position and the whole car came down off the jacks and it bounced on him,” Kaylin recalled, adding, “We both screamed.”

Trapped underneath the car, her husband said he was unable to take deep breaths, only a “bunch of little breaths.”

Moments after his wife called for help, Mesa Police Department officers Nolan Martineau and Josh Gardner arrived at the scene.

“His whole upper body was under the car,” Martineau said. “His legs were sticking out. I could see the jack that he has was kind of tilted, it failed.”

Bodycam footage showed the moment when the policemen decided to take extreme steps to get Devon out from under the vehicle.

“Can we try to lift it up and pull him out?” one of the officers said to a neighbor who had rushed over to help them.

“If we can,” the man replied.

The officers and neighbor then lifted the nearly 3,000 pound car as Devon moved out of its way.

“When I heard, ‘OK, we’re going to lift up,’ that’s when my vision started to go blurry,” he commented. “I was starting to pass out.”

Following the rescue, Devon said he was thankful to the officers and “just happy, happy to be alive,” especially because he and his wife were expecting a baby soon.

“I have children myself,” Gardner told reporters. “It should be a happy, rewarding experience for them.”

Before the ambulance pulled up to make sure Devon was okay, his neighbor told him, “Man, I’m glad you’re alright.”

He then shook the officer’s hands and told them they did a good job. They in turn thanked him for his help with lifting the car.

“It’s what we had to do, man,” he stated. #binspirednews



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