Raymond Schaefer did not finish high school because he chose to serve in #WorldW…

Raymond Schaefer did not finish high school because he chose to serve in #WorldWarII, but on Thursday, he finally received his long-awaited diploma.

“Today, we are blessed to experience one of those significant moments in time with Mr. Raymond Schaefer,” said Principal Dan Foster of Waterford Union High School in Wisconsin, according to Fox 6.

The school shared photos of the veteran at his surprise graduation Thursday, writing, “Raymond is 96 years old and today he received his honorary high school diploma!”
“He left school to help support his family by serving in #WWII. He has often mentioned how he wished he would have graduated from high school… it’s never too late to chase your dreams!” the post continued.
When he returned home after the war, Schaefer worked in the Milwaukee equipment manufacturing business for nearly 40 years but never finished his education.
“He’d say things like ‘well, I wish I had a high school diploma but I was just too dumb.’ But it’s like, that wasn’t the case at all. He quit school to support his family,” said friend Cynthia Bennett, who initially approached officials about getting Schaefer a diploma.

The Waterford Union High School marching band, school board members, teachers, students, and loved ones made the surprise graduation ceremony a success.
“It’s great. I thought of it many times but never got around to it,” Schaefer commented.

The veteran also received an honorary medal to commemorate his time at Racine County School of Agriculture since it was shut down in 1959.

“I proudly present to you an Aggie, a graduate of 1943, recognized on this day, March 18, 2021,” Foster told him.

While describing Schaefer’s tough decision as a teen to leave school and fight in World War II, Foster stated, “Raymond not only served his country, but he also served the world.” #binspirednews



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