Reporting County-Level COVID-19 Vaccination Data

COVID-19 Vaccinations County-level Data Definitions

Percent of a Jurisdiction’s Fully Vaccinated Recipients with a Valid County of Residence 

Represents the proportion of fully vaccinated people whose Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) code is reported and matches a valid county FIPS code in the jurisdiction.  

Percent of the Population Metrics

CDC calculates measures of vaccination among the entire population (i.e., all ages), the population aged 18 years and older, and the population aged 65 years and older.

  • The metrics used for rate and percentage calculations use the S. Census Bureau Annual Estimatesexternal icon of the Resident Population for the United States and Puerto Rico, 2019 population.
  • CDC uses 2018 CIA World Factbook estimates for American Samoa, Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, Republic of the Marshall Islands, Republic of Palau, Republic of the Marshall Islands, and U.S. Virgin Islands. 

People Who Are Fully Vaccinated; % of the Population

Represents the number of people who have received the second dose in a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine series or one dose of the single-shot J&J/Janssen COVID-19 vaccine.

For this measure, CDC’s COVID Data Tracker attributes each dose to the state or territory in which the person resides. This includes doses administered by jurisdictional partner clinics, retail pharmacies, long-term care facilities, FEMA, HRSA partner sites, and federal entity facilities. CDC uses estimates for the total population, population aged 18 years and older, and population aged 65 years and older as the denominators to calculate percentages.

CDC has capped the percent of population coverage metrics at 99.9%. These metrics could be greater than 99.9% for multiple reasons, including census denominator data not including all individuals that currently reside in the county (e.g., part time residents) or potential data reporting errors. Estimates may change as new data are made available.

County-Level Data for People Who Are Not Fully Vaccinated

County level data for people with at least one dose of a vaccine are not displayed for reasons including:

  • address reporting errors preventing assignment of recipients to a county of residence and
  • vaccine recipients reporting different addresses for their first and second doses of an mRNA vaccine.

Recent data quality improvements have been made by jurisdictions for second doses of 2-dose vaccines, therefore, CDC will only display data for people who are fully vaccinated. CDC provides national and jurisdictional (state, territory, or local entity) level data for people with at least one dose and people who are fully vaccinated on the “Vaccinations in the US” page of CDC COVID Data Tracker.

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