Residents in #Fortville, #Indiana, are breathing a sigh of relief during the cor…

Residents in #Fortville, #Indiana, are breathing a sigh of relief during the coronavirus crisis thanks to the generosity of several community members.

When some of the town’s business owners realized their neighbors might have difficulty paying their bills during the #coronavirus #pandemic, they decided to help.

In a Facebook post on April 10, the town announced that the anonymous donors had paid the month’s water and sewer bills for all of its roughly 4,000 residents. “The Town has received a gracious donation with the stipulation that it be used to pay for April water/sewer bills,” the post read, adding, “If you have already paid your April bill, you will see a credit on the May billing.” A message from the donors read: “This gift was made by local businesses as an encouragement that we all might look out for one another, find the needs of our neighbors, neighborhoods, and do our part in helping them through this uncertain and unprecedented difficult time … and the good times that will soon follow. Thank you and God bless our people and our nation.” “Thank you to the Anonymous Donor,” the post concluded.

The total sum given was over $210,000, according to Town Manager Joe Renner. “I thought that was pretty great for a town that’s no bigger than what Fortville is, to have such caring people,” he commented.

Following the announcement, people expressed their gratitude on Facebook and said the gift was more than they could have asked for. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Knowing at least one bill is going to be paid literally just brought me to tears,” wrote Chasity Despain. “I have been trying to figure what Bill’s I could pay and which ones I couldn’t right now,” neighbor Roxanne Tweedy commented. “This will HELP more than you know. THANKS SO MUCH!!!” she concluded. #binspirednews



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