#SeaWorld officials recently made a generous donation to healthcare workers batt…

#SeaWorld officials recently made a generous donation to healthcare workers battling the #coronavirus #pandemic in San Antonio, #Texas.

When President of SeaWorld and Aquatica San Antonio Byron Surrett heard that the University Health System was in need of medical masks, he wanted to help them out, according to Fox #SanAntonio.

The park keeps hundreds of N95 masks on hand for its emergency staff members, but since it has been shutdown until further notice due to virus concerns, Surrett decided to give the masks to those who needed them most. “With the park temporarily closed we have supplies on hand that are going unused,” he said in a recent statement. “We are happy to do what we can to help the San Antonio community. We hope this donation will slightly ease the strain that medical professionals at University Health System are feeling at this difficult time,” Surrett commented.

The University Health System thanked SeaWorld for its donation on Thursday, and shared a photo on Twitter of its workers receiving the boxes of supplies. “We are so appreciative of this donation for our nurses and healthcare workers,” said Tommye Austin, senior vice president and chief nurse executive at the hospital network. “Our highest priority is the safety of our healthcare workers and this donation will help us in that mission,” she continued.

However, the N95 masks are not the only things the park has donated to its community during the crisis.

SeaWorld gave 500 rolls of toilet paper to a nonprofit organization in the area on March 26. “I just want to thank SeaWorld for helping us out, and our students especially. Couldn’t ask for a better turnout than this,” one recipient said.

In addition, the park also donated over 6,000 pounds of food to the San Antonio Food Bank, according to Fox San Antonio. #binspirednews



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  1. And please, no more chemicals and puting beautiful creatures of nature and human beings in danger. I had no idea about that until I read many of the posts written here, by so many people.

  2. I am grateful for Seaworld living in San Diego I see all the good that they do. Yes you can talk about black fish and whales living in tanks. But until you have to keep sea world on your speed dial for sea life emergencies up and down the west coast. You really don’t know all the good they do.

  3. @seaworldtexas @seaworldorlando @seaworldsandiego
    Donate your Sea creatures to the Ocean!!!

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