Several distilleries are making sure their communities have what they need durin…

Several distilleries are making sure their communities have what they need during the #Chinese #coronavirus #pandemic.

When #EightOaksFarmDistillery founder Chad Butters heard the price of hand sanitizer had skyrocketed, he decided to be the solution to the problem.

Monday, his #distillery in #NewTripoli, #Pennsylvania, filled 20 bottles with homemade alcohol-based disinfectant that will be donated to charitable groups who have none.

This week, the distillery plans to ramp up production and offer the bottles at local farmers’ markets and on its website. “We are in a national emergency,” Butters commented. “What’s the right thing to do? The right thing to do is support this community by providing something that is in desperate need. We’ll flood the valley with hand sanitizer and drive that price right down,” he said.

In an Instagram post Monday, he assured the community that his decision was made out of love for them, not fear.

Several other distilleries in Vermont and North Carolina are following Butters’ lead by making their own hand sanitizing solution to give away. “We wanted to do something that would be as positive as possible,” said Harold Faircloth, an owner of Green Mountain Distillers in Morrisville, Vermont.

In a Facebook post Sunday, the distillery offered free hand sanitizer to restaurants whose customers and staff need it. “We have spent the last few days distilling some high proof alcohol and we will be using it to make batches of hand sanitizer. We will have this available at the distillery starting today. Just bring in your used containers for a refill,” the post explained.

As word spread about what Butters was doing, he began getting messages from people and groups requesting his homemade sanitizer.

One note came from a mother whose 12-year-old son has heart disease. “I cannot find it anywhere and this virus is especially dangerous to him,” she wrote.

Stories like hers are one of the many reasons Butters decided to change the focus of his business for the time being. “We’re trying to make sure we continue to provide a paycheck for our employees and support our community however way we can do that,” he concluded. #binspirednews



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  2. I see how that’ll help with bacteria, but we are dealing with a virus. Hand sanitizer doesn’t kill viruses…

  3. I made 40 bottles of hand sanitizer last week after the stores ran out to give out to those who couldn’t get any and the elderly too scared to leave their homes. If we all make just a few bottles to give to others, think of how we could help in such a small but significant way.
    2/3 cup alcohol ( higher% the better)
    1/3 cup Aloe Vera gel ( in a crisis clear hair gel or other gel will do)
    8-10 drops of essential oil ( I used lavender)

    This will make two large travel size bottles.

  4. I wish I could get some I have Emphysema and it’s very hard to get any at all ! Maybe I could get an address of one of the places. I could place an order and pay by phone ?

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