Several #police officers in #Atlanta, #Georgia, put themselves in harm’s way rec…

Several #police officers in #Atlanta, #Georgia, put themselves in harm’s way recently to rescue a #dog trapped near a burning vehicle.

The incident occurred Sunday morning and bodycam footage showed the officers responding to the car fire, according to Fox 5.

“While working at the scene of a vehicle fire in northwest Atlanta, Zone 1 units were made aware of a dog tethered to a tree near the vehicle, which was fully engulfed,” the City of Atlanta Police Department said in a Facebook post.

A distraught woman pointed an officer to the dog’s location and told the policeman, “He’s right there! He’s right there!”

When a fire truck passed by, the officer stated, “I’m going to grab that dog,” and advanced toward the blaze.

Once officers got close to the pup, one said, “Hey buddy, it’s okay,” and tried to free him from the tether.

“As they worked to get the collar from his neck, the vehicle continuously reacted loudly to the heat, but these officers would not be deterred,” the department continued.

The frightened dog appeared to remain calm and an officer patted his chest to reassure him they were there to help.

When he was free, a policeman appeared to take the dog in his arms for a few moments as the group moved away from the fire.

Toward the end of the video, an officer was heard telling the rescued pup, “I wasn’t going to let you go down like that,” as the dog leaned against his legs.

Social media users praised the officers’ heroic actions and expressed their gratitude for saving the animal from danger.

“Thank you for saving the dog! I think your all amazing,” one person commented.

The department also said it was proud of the dog for staying calm throughout the ordeal.

“We give him a 12/10. He’s a good boy,” the department concluded. #binspirednews



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