Singer #JustinBieber gave back to a Los Angeles women’s shelter by filming a mus…

Singer #JustinBieber gave back to a Los Angeles women’s shelter by filming a music video to raise awareness of single, homeless women while also giving out supplies and a car to those in need.

@JustinBieber and rapper Quavo showed up at the Alexandria House — a long-term transitional housing center for single, homeless women — in January to film the music video following the stories of three women from the shelter. The video was launched this past Friday.

The song, called “Intentions,” follows the stories of the following women from the shelter: Bahri, a Saudi Arabian immigrant going through extreme lengths to get the education her mother could not have; Angela, an artist and grandmother who has experienced Los Angeles’s infamous skid row and shares her experiences and the experiences of others on skid row through her art; and Marcy, a young mother and foster care child who experienced homelessness at a young age after saving herself and her children from domestic abuse.

#Bieber purchased a car for Bahri so she no longer has to commute three hours to go to school. And for Angela, he booked time at a recording studio so she can share her spoken word. “Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter / Gorgeous, make ‘em drop dead. You’re a killer,” he sings over the inspirational montage. “Shower you with all my intention / Yeah, these are my only intentions.” A slide at the end of the video thanks the Alexandria House and pledges $200,000 in the organization’s “honor” toward the “Intentions” fund. “Thank you to the Alexandria House for opening your doors and your hearts to Bahri, Marcy, and Angela and the entire community in times of need,” it reads.

A link to donate to the fund is in the YouTube description page as well as on the Alexandria House website.

Bieber and Quavo are not the first celebrities to grace the presence of the Alexandria House. Actress Gal Gadot showed up last year, and Kim Kardashian visited three years ago. #binspirednews



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  2. Good for you Biebs! It’s about time you stop acting like a punk-ass kid & do something productive.

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