Social Design Award 2021: For Strong Families!

It’s a depressing statistic: Around one out of five children in Germany grows up in poverty. This disproportionately impacts children living with a single parent or who have several siblings. But there are other factors that can also push families to the breaking point: If both parents have jobs and there is no daycare available, for example. Or if a child is having trouble keeping up at school and there is no one at home who can help with the homework. Or when no one has time to do anything with the kids, even if it’s just kicking a soccer ball around on a regular basis. The list goes on and on.

Fortunately, some people are stepping in to help in these cases. They start clubs that take children on field trips. Elderly people provide childcare for parents who don’t have a grandma or grandpa who can fill in. Others become sponsors and read to children or help them with their homework during the coronavirus pandemic. And yet others organize a regularly scheduled breakfast for mothers of young children who just want to talk to other women who also feel overworked.

And even if some things have to be suspended during the pandemic, the Social Design Award does not. This year, the Social Design Award is about projects, initiatives or ideas that help provide support for families. The award, which is organized by DER SPIEGEL and SPIEGEL Wissen in partnership with the home improvement retailer BAUHAUS, honors the best ideas that help families to cope with everyday life, enrich it or impart education and skills. “For strong families” is the motto of this year’s competition. A jury of experts will then select a shortlist from the entries, which will be published on at the end of September. Readers will be able to vote for their favorite on the website.

The competition documents and further information can be found here: can find out who won the prizes on Nov. 2 in the latest issue of SPIEGEL WISSEN magazine and here on

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