Stephen “Bones” Reid told Fox News that the national unity he has seen during th…

Stephen “Bones” Reid told Fox News that the national unity he has seen during the global #coronavirus #pandemic reminds him of 9/11.

Reid was a New York Police Department (#NYPD) detective in Manhattan on September 11, 2001. The hijacked planes that hit the World Trade Center flew over his head that day. Almost two decades later, “Bones” is working as an EMT paramedic in Westchester County, New York. As the novel coronavirus — formally classified #COVID19 by the World Health Organization — battles humanity across the world, Reid finds himself in a familiar position.

The 9/11 survivor was asked about the danger of becoming a global pandemic statistic because of his place on the front lines, but he has viewed his life since 9/11 as credit to be shared. “More than likely. But I’m also on borrowed time to begin with,” he said. “I was one of the lucky ones.” He is not the only veteran first responder still on the front lines, despite the chronic respiratory ailments that the terrorist attack left behind — with the increased risk that goes with it. “Even if they knew that the air wasn’t safe, just like now the air isn’t safe, you still have people that will go right back in it,” Reid said. “It’s just the selflessness, the sacrifice that, you know, it’s a calling.” Reid is also on the front lines of another crisis: lack of medical supplies. He has already spent over $1,500 of his own money to ensure he and his compatriots can continue saving lives. “We’ve probably got a week’s worth of supplies,” Reid said. “And they said the apex hasn’t even hit yet.” Reid has turned to social media to source funds and materials from individuals and businesses that he and his fellow paramedics can use. The response, even in the midst of a crisis, has kept his spirits up. “Today was and still is a great day. We got a lot of stuff done,” he wrote in a Facebook update on Monday. “WE. Not me. US. WE. Together. I am just the messenger.” #binspirednews ❤️



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14 thoughts on “Stephen “Bones” Reid told Fox News that the national unity he has seen during th…

  1. The ER doctors are never really thanked in a meaningful way. They should be. They never call in sick, never go “on strike”, are always under threat of litigation. These docs are the great unsung heroes.

  2. I sure hope so, but sadly I don’t see it. After 9-11
    People were genuinely nice to each other. There was a sincerity of heart. With this Coronavirus/COVID-19, I have seen people fighting over toilet paper, hoarding groceries while others go without, rudeness and lack of compassion like never before! I was a city police officer in western NY for 30 years and was working that terrible day. People came together. Today it’s every man for himself.

  3. Dairy Queen brought an ice cream cake to my station last shift. Really praying this ends soon

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  6. Sorry, it’s not. While most are busy arguing about whose politican’s fault it is in the US, there’s a small minority of us absolutely disgusted with our fellow countrymen and women completely fine with the Constitution being trampled on by government for the “greater good.”

  7. I don’t necessarily agree. Just look in the facebook comments. Half the people want to shame and scream at you for going to walmart while the other half say liberty over safety. Both groups hate each other

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