#Tennis world number one #NovakDjokovic said Friday he was donating one million …

#Tennis world number one #NovakDjokovic said Friday he was donating one million euros ($1.1 million) to help his native #Serbia buy respirators and other gear to combat the #coronavirus.

The player was speaking in a video conference from the southern Spanish city of Marbella, where he and his family are currently hunkering down under nationwide lockdown orders. “Our donation is for the purchase of life-saving respirators and other sanitary equipment,” said the tennis star.

Normally based in Monaco, the family’s stay in Spain is “a pure coincidence”, according to his spokesperson.

The 32-year-old said he was working on keeping a “positive spirit” and enjoying the family time with the tennis season thrown into chaos by the #pandemic.
The men’s ATP and women’s #WTA Tours have been suspended until June 7, with the #FrenchOpen postponed and #Wimbledon facing possible postponement or even cancellation. “I don’t remember spending so much time with my family since I became a father,” added #Djokovic, who declined to discuss tennis matters and told reporters he was passing time by reading a book on the “history of the Serbs”. He also said he plans to start “posting physical exercises I do in our apartment on social networks”. Djokovic thanked #China for sending several shipments of medical equipment and doctors to Serbia, where they are now helping guide Belgrade’s #COVID19 strategy.

Seven people have died and more than 450 are known to be infected with the respiratory disease among Serbia’s seven million population, according to authorities. “I thank China from the bottom of my heart on behalf of myself and the entire nation,” he said. #binspirednews



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8 thoughts on “#Tennis world number one #NovakDjokovic said Friday he was donating one million …

  1. If only all the bubble heads in Hollywood could that instead of asking people (who probably lost their jobs) to donate..

  2. I love seeing all these famous wealthy individuals donating so much to help & asking us to join them. But Where exactly is it going- to the GOV whose already giving billions to get it made asap & paying for it. My friend is a bartender (20 years) laid off- so she filled out the form beer company’s fund- she got denied! No reason given then email sent saying to wait 6 weeks for an answer. Just asking cuz it’s so generous of everybody but like the 1 Oct fund- ppl still havent heard where it went & alot havent received anything.

  3. While you are chilling at home during self-isolation with netflix or youtube, there are people across the world who have no clue how to make ends meet. So please, I beg you, each time you share this statement, make sure to donate some money, no matter how little, to those in need either personally or through a covid relief fund.

  4. Maybe you should send a message to mini Mike to send couple of billions to New Yorkers or the American that he loves so much if you want to be the president

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