The end of Monday night’s episode of Jeopardy! got unexpectedly emotional when …

❤️ The end of Monday night’s episode of Jeopardy! got unexpectedly emotional when one of the contestants during the final round of the show wrote a message saying, “We Love You Alex.” Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, who recently revealed that he had resumed chemotherapy for his stage four pancreatic cancer, looked to Final Jeopardy contestant Dhruv Gaur for the answer to the category in “Famous Phrases.” The clue for that category was the following: “In the title of a groundbreaking 1890 exposé of poverty in New York City slums, these three words follow ‘How the.’” “What is, ‘We love you, Alex!’” Gaur responded, including a little drawing of a heart along with his answer. “That’s very kind. Thank you,” Trebek said, before becoming choked up enough that he struggled to say his next few words. “Cost you $1,995. You’re left with five.” The audience also responded with an audible “aww” in the background.

Trebek quickly composed himself before going on to the other two contestants, both of whom correctly guessed the answer, “What is, ‘other half lives.’” After the show ended, “We love you Alex” began trending on social media.

In August, Trebek announced that he had completed his round of chemotherapy treatments and would resume as Jeopardy! host for the 36th season, which began in September.

But several weeks later, Trebek said he would have to undergo chemotherapy again because doctors said his numbers were “sky high.” Even with the devastating news, Trebek vowed to keep hosting the game show as long as possible and opened up more about his diagnosis. #binspirednews



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