The #HEB grocery company is making a big donation to healthcare workers across T…

The #HEB grocery company is making a big donation to healthcare workers across Texas who are battling the #coronavirus #pandemic.

When the company heard how hard medical personnel across the state were working to combat the virus, they decided to thank them. “Each week for the next five weeks, these fresh chef-inspired meals will go to doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers engaged directly with #COVID19 patients as well as those working in emergency rooms,” an H-E-B spokesperson said in a statement. “In total, H-E-B will deliver more than 75,000 H-E-B Meal Simple meals to hospitals across Texas,” the spokesperson continued.

The first delivery was made Friday to hundreds of healthcare workers in San Antonio at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital in the Medical Center, a press release noted.

On Twitter Thursday, Gov. Greg Abbott thanked the grocery chain for its generous gift.

Friday, H-E-B Group Vice President of Public Affairs, Diversity and Environmental Affairs Winell Herron said Texans were “extremely grateful for the dedication of our healthcare workers who are saving lives and making personal sacrifices for others.” “We want to express some well-deserved appreciation and hope these meals will provide a bit of comfort during these trying times,” she continued.

The $350,000 donation in meals is part of the grocery chain’s $3 million commitment to help local nonprofits providing relief to some of their most vulnerable neighbors during the health crisis.

In addition, H-E-B also dedicated $300,000 to help fund Texas Biomedical Research Institute’s coronavirus research project, Breitbart News reported. “Texas Biomed has launched a unique research project to be among the first in the nation to develop the laboratory model necessary for testing diagnostics, vaccines and treatments to combat coronavirus,” the grocery chain said in a statement. “We are proud to be a part of this innovative effort to accelerate discoveries, moving science from the lab to the patient,” it concluded. #binspirednews



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  1. The media hasn’t exactly covered the mass layoffs of other healthcare workers in other states without this coronavirus pandemic people should be helping out and giving money to the healthcare workers that have been laid off because of this.

  2. @foodlandhi maybe FASCIST FOODLAND can learn a lesson here. Instead they are joining the tyranny and forcing people to wear masks or not be allowed in the store. Shame on FOODLAND for keeping people from getting their basic fucking needs. STALINISTS!!

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  4. That’s all well and nice but what about extending it to those that got laid off and furloughed. Healthcare workers are getting a check

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