The #HEBgrocery company recently gave employees a special thank you after it was…

The #HEBgrocery company recently gave employees a special thank you after it was dubbed the number one grocery retailer in the United States.

This week, store employees got a card in the mail thanking them for their years of hard work and dedication.

However, that was not all they received.

Folded inside was a crisp $100 bill as a reward for helping the company achieve its goals. “We know that the most important ‘ranking’ we get is from our customers, and it’s clear that you’re doing an excellent A+ job in running the business while taking care of our customers,” the card read. “At H-E-B, our success starts with our people. H-E-B is committed to investing in our Partners who we consider the heart and soul of our company,” store leadership noted in a statement. “To celebrate being named the #1 grocery retailer in the nation by Dunnhumby, we presented each Partner with a $100 bill,” they concluded.

Wednesday, an employee tweeted a photo of the card and bill and praised the company for allowing them to pursue an education while working there. “@HEB has not only been an amazing job for me while in school but overall it’s just been such a good job,” the person wrote. “I’ve never worked for a company that cares about their employees the way H-E-B does. Shoutout H-E-B for being the #1 Grocery store in the country! #HEBProud,” the tweet concluded.

In 1905, while caring for an ill husband and three small children in Kerrville, Texas, Florence Butt establishedthe first store’s location with her savings of $60, according to its website.

Now, the popular grocery chain that has more than 100,000 employees said it is proud of its values and believes in helping workers grow their careers. “Here, we don’t need an audience to act with integrity. Because we believe you don’t need permission to do the right thing,” the site read. #binspirednews



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18 thoughts on “The #HEBgrocery company recently gave employees a special thank you after it was…

  1. Excellent stores and the people who staff them are also excellent. Thank you, for reporting good news!!!

  2. HEB is the best grocery and they are a fierce supporter of all ofTexans in every way. A fine, fine organization. We are so lucky to have this company in San Antonio.

  3. My HEB “integrity” story…I left a credit union envelope with $1000 on the register counter when I checked out – stupid, I know – and didn’t even think about it till I got home 20 minutes later. I frantically called my HEB’s customer service and they asked me to name the bill denominations in the envelope to prove it was mine. I did, and they held the money till my husband could pick it up an hour later. The cashier, Maxx, saw the envelope right after I left and turned it in. Love love love my HEB!

  4. @the_jeff_ward @yesyesimcrazy show Judi!❤️ I’m so jealous we don’t have one here!

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