The #lemonade brand #CountryTime is bailing out the smallest businesses impacted…

The #lemonade brand #CountryTime is bailing out the smallest businesses impacted by the #coronavirus #pandemic: lemonade stands.

Country Time’s “Littlest Bailout” project will give $100 checks to children who cannot run lemonade stands this year due to the coronavirus.

“We know this will be a rough summer for lemonade stands. And if the big guys are getting bailed out, why shouldn’t we help the littlest entrepreneurs get the same treatment?” the company said on its website.

WGN reported that to be eligible for the bailouts, you must be a child under 14 years old, write an essay explaining how you would have spent the money, and submit a photo of the lemonade stand sign you would use.

Parents can apply with their children online at

The company will stop accepting applications August 12, 2020.




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