The #PersonCounty Sheriff’s Office fulfilled 100-year-old Ruth Bryant’s birthday…

The #PersonCounty Sheriff’s Office fulfilled 100-year-old Ruth Bryant’s birthday wish on Tuesday with a tongue-in-cheek “arrest.” By the time you have reached a full century of life, you have, statistically speaking, experienced more than most people ever will. But for Ruth Bryant of Person, #NorthCarolina, there is still more to do. Specifically, the otherwise well-behaved elderly woman wanted to experience being arrested. With the help of officers from the county sheriff’s office, she got her wish.

Deputies R.D. Weaver and Tevin Dixon served a warrant for Bryant’s arrest, charging her with “indecent exposure” in the midst of her birthday celebration. Bryant was cuffed to her walker as she grumbled and complained, telling officers they were “getting on my last nerve.” Bryant was transported from her home at the assisted living facility to the county jail. Officers pulled out all the stops, even taking her “mug shot.” But upon arrival, she had some advice for Dixon on who he should go after next. “Who’s that?” Dixon asked. “The people who make these low damn seats in all these cars,” Bryant said. “You ought to arrest every one of them.” For more stories like these, check out the hashtag #binspirednews, and the link in our bio 😊



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9 thoughts on “The #PersonCounty Sheriff’s Office fulfilled 100-year-old Ruth Bryant’s birthday…

  1. When did being arrested become a right of passage for the youth of America and something on someone’s bucket list!!!!!?? This is just plain insanity! People are succumbing to the socialist agenda and it’s disturbing that even the elderly are being swayed. I don’t find humor in this at all.

  2. I hope they treated her just like a 24 year old black male with a record, but I really really doubt they verbally and physically assaulted her.

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