The #Richmond, #Virginia, police department said that an officer saved a woman w…

The #Richmond, #Virginia, police department said that an officer saved a woman who attempted to light herself on fire last week.

First Precinct Officer Jason Jones and several other #police officers responded to a report of a woman threatening to light herself on fire on November 3, WWBT reported.

When Jones arrived at the scene, he discovered the victim standing on the sidewalk adjacent to a plastic milk jug filled with gasoline.

”I immediately thought about how I would want someone to help me and thought of the crisis intervention training that we go through that’s mandatory — and just talked to her as a person. Take yourself out of the uniform and put yourself in her shoes,” said Jones.

The victim’s clothes were dripping with gasoline, and she reeked of the smell of it. She also admitted that she poured the flammable substance on herself and held a lighter in one hand.

Jones told the other officers to block traffic and stand by with fire extinguishers while he tried to talk down the distraught victim.

Jones used classic Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) techniques and eventually convinced the woman to let go of the lighter.

The victim was transported to a local hospital to receive mental health treatment. Jones said that after the woman was taken to the hospital, he said a prayer for her.

Jones was recognized for his work by the Richmond Police Department.

“The quick and effective actions taken by Officer Jones undoubtedly contributed to saving this woman’s life. Outstanding work! We are so proud you are part of the RPD family,” Richmond Police Department said on their Facebook page.

Jones graduated from J.R. Tucker High School and has served with the Richmond Police Department for five years.

He also won a Bronze Valor Award from the Retail Merchants Association in 2019 during an annual event honoring first responders, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported. #binspirednews



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