The #Susquehanna Police Department in #Pennsylvania helped a homeless #beagle fi…

The #Susquehanna Police Department in #Pennsylvania helped a homeless #beagle find his forever home and a job with the #police department.

Auggie, a 14-month-old stray beagle, was adopted by the department in September 2020 after he was found wandering Susquehanna, Penn Live reported.

Now, Auggie calls the police station his forever home where he keeps quite busy.

The beagle starts his day by greeting the police officers the moment they come to work. He also has designated officers assigned to care for him, making sure he is fed properly and walked several times a day.

He tags along with the other officers on briefings, sits in on shift changes, and goes on school visits with the school resource officer.

“Our school resource officer has been taking him to the schools several times a week to break down the barriers in relationships with us and the children,” says Robert Martin, director of public safety. “Auggie is that bridge, and it’s just been absolutely phenomenal.”

Auggie also enjoys certain privileges, such as his own Facebook page and free reign to walk untethered around the station.

Police say Auggie has provided emotional support for officers constantly exposed to traumatic events.

“Law enforcement is very stressful,” said Martin. “We all know what pets and our dogs can do for us at home in terms of stress relief.”

Angela Codero, one of Auggie’s handlers, says Auggie is always spreading his love to other officers.

“He’s always cheering us up because he’s running around being goofy, definitely is full of energy, and loves to play,” she said.

Auggie is not the only pooch to find a permanent home with law enforcement. In January 2021, a New Jersey police officer adopted an injured puppy he rescued in the job. In December 2020, an abandoned puppy in Miami, Florida, found his forever home with Officer Lauren Garcia after her colleagues told her about the dog. #binspirednews



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