The United States #CoastGuard rescued an injured hiker Saturday evening from #Ol…

The United States #CoastGuard rescued an injured hiker Saturday evening from #OlympicNationalPark in #Washington.

“The hiker had fallen and sustained a broken leg, ultimately requiring emergency responders to coordinate a multi-agency rescue,” the Coast Guard said in a news release.

“Sector Puget Sound watchstanders received the initial request for assistance from Olympic National Park Service personnel who were already in coordination with the Air Force Rescue Coordination Center,” the release continued.

On its Twitter page Tuesday, the #USCoastGuard Pacific Northwest shared video footage of the intense moments when the 50-year-old woman was brought into the helicopter.

The footage showed one guardsman holding onto a rope as he guided the woman’s stretcher up through the air.

“Survivor’s coming up,” one of the men said.

Moments later, she made it to the helicopter and they worked to get her to safety.

“Survivor’s slowly coming in the cabin,” another guardsman said as he pulled the stretcher inside.

In a joint-agency operation, the injured hiker was hoisted into the helicopter at 9:03 p.m. and transported to awaiting emergency medical personnel at Air Staton Port Angeles,” the news release stated.

The 13th Coast Guard District served Washington, Montana, Oregon, and Idaho, and provided “critical maritime services within the Pacific Northwest,” according to its website.

The site read:

“Our missions – maritime security, safety, and national defense – require superior professionalism, devotion to excellence and the highest standards of integrity. We pride ourselves in treating others with respect and dignity, facilitating partnerships with local, state and national agencies, and being innovative in our approach to meeting the region’s needs.”

“The Coast Guard encourages mariners and those exploring remote areas inland to ensure a means of reliable communication in case of emergency. Whether on the water or the trail, thorough preparation saves lives,” the news release concluded.




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