Three #puppies in #Gainesville, #Georgia, are getting a fresh start at life than…

Three #puppies in #Gainesville, #Georgia, are getting a fresh start at life thanks to some kind-hearted #GeorgiaPower employees.

Tuesday, lineman Shane Porter said he and two other men were on a job site when one of them went to retrieve some materials from a nearby building.

Porter continued: “David here was going to go back to the building to get some material we needed and about the time he was getting to his truck, he noticed two of the puppies about to run out in the road by the pond over by the Gainesville municipalities, municipal building. So we just started walking towards them, and they were really scared and timid. So we got a Slim Jim, and we were trying to coax these two here with the Slim Jim. And then as I got my hands on this one, a gentleman showed up behind us with this one in his hands, wrapped up in a jacket and said that he had just pulled all three of them out of a dumpster around the pond over there, and he could only get his hands back on this one. Those two ran off.” The men were able to catch the third one by offering it a can of Vienna sausages, according to Porter.

Once the puppies, two girls and a boy, were safe inside the cab of their truck, they fell asleep on the floorboard as the men drove them to the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia.Following the rescue, Porter said he and his fellow linemen decided to help because it would have been wrong to leave them out in the cold. “We knew they were little, young, we didn’t want to see them run out in the road, something happen to them,” he stated. “When we picked them up we knew it was the right thing to do to get them off the street and we knew that working for Georgia Power, we knew it would be okay for us to try to find something to do with them,” Porter explained.

The puppies are expected to be ready for adoption by the end of next week, according to the humane society’s executive director, Julie Edwards. “I hope they’re lined up out the door when it gets time for them to be adopted,” she concluded. #binspirednews



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