Trump’s 9/11 ad said ‘support our troops’ — but featured images of Russian MiG-19 fighter jets – Raw Story

The Trump Make America Great Again Committee drew more attention to the president’s relationship with Vladimir Putin after featuring Russian fighter jets in an ad that ran on 9/11.

“A digital ad released by a fundraising arm of the Trump campaign on Sept. 11 calling on people to ‘support our troops’ uses a stock photo of Russian-made fighter jets and weapons,” Politico reported Monday. “The ad, which was made by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, features silhouettes of three soldiers walking as a fighter jet flies over them. The ad first appeared on Sept. 8 and ran until Sept. 12.”

Politico discussed the ad with Pierre Sprey, who helped design America’s F-16 and A-10 jets.

“That’s definitely a MiG-29,” Pierre said.

Not only are the jets Russia, but one of the soldiers featured in the ad is carrying a Kalashnikov assault rifle, according to Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Centre for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies in Moscow.

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