Two charity groups have come together in #Etna, #Ohio, to give a disabled United…

Two charity groups have come together in #Etna, #Ohio, to give a disabled United States #MarineCorps veteran and his family a place to call home.

In 2001, Melroy Cort was a student at Reynoldsburg High School, and he watched as the terrible events of September 11 unfolded on a television screen in his classroom.

Because of what he witnessed, the young man was inspired to serve his country and joined the military at 19 years old. He later deployed to Iraq in August 2005.

However, his life changed dramatically when he lost both legs due to an IED blast in December of that same year.

Then in 2018, an electrical fire severely damaged his family’s home and destroyed their belongings, forcing Cort, his wife Samantha, and their ten children to live in a hotel for over a year.

But when the Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation heard about their need, the 9/11 charity decided to step in and help. “These homes enable our most severely injured heroes [to] live better, more independent lives,” the foundation’s website reads.

The organization also teamed up with A Soldier’s Journey Home, another 9/11 charity comprised of current and retired firefighters and retired veterans, to build them a mortgage-free smart home over a period of 12 days. “At A Soldier’s Journey Home we strive to make a disabled soldier’s dreams become reality. We are a group of volunteers who ignite a community to build a home specially adapted for a soldier with disabilities,” the organization’s website reads.

Monday, Cort was in disbelief at how much people he did not know cared about him and his family. “We’re like the main focus for people that I’ve never met, never had a conversation with,” the veteran said, adding, “That cannot be overlooked.” The smart home was designed to meet all of Cort’s specific needs and is set to be completed on Saturday. “All these people are taking off their time to do this. It’s amazing. It’s humbling,” Samantha concluded. #binspirednews



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