Two citizens and ten #police officers in #Davenport, #Iowa, were recognized Wedn…

Two citizens and ten #police officers in #Davenport, #Iowa, were recognized Wednesday for their heroic actions when a neighbor’s house caught fire on July 3rd.

“I was driving by, seeing … black smoke coming out of the dryer vent … and then I see a kid stick his head out the window, and pulled my ladder out,” roofing contractor Anthony English told the Quad-City Times.

English and his fellow contractor Anthony Buckley helped the police officers rescue three teenage girls, their teenage brother, and their dog from a second-story window.

Officer Jarrad Cockshoot was specially recognized for placing himself in harm’s way during an extremely dangerous situation.

He “immediately climbed up the ladder — without hesitation and without due regard for his own safety” and helped the three girls out of the window, said Davenport Fire Chief Mike Carlsten.

A video played at the ceremony showed the tense moments when Officer Cockshoot ascended the ladder and got them to safety.

Once they were on the ground, he climbed back up the ladder in an attempt to save their dog but was unable to because of its size and the thick smoke.

However, when firefighters arrived at the scene, they quickly rescued the dog.

In the meantime, English used a second ladder to help the girls’ brother climb out of another window, Carlsten noted, adding that their efforts prevented what could have been a tragedy.

‘These individuals we are recognizing this evening put the need of others first. They worked as a coordinated team to overcome some unique and unprecedented challenges. And some of their actions were heroic,” he said.

In a video during the ceremony, two of the girls they rescued, who attend the University of Iowa, expressed their gratitude.

“Today, we are both healthy and just beginning our college careers. Both of our families and [sic] extremely grateful and so relieved. Congratulations on your achievement. And, we both agree that it is very well-deserved,” they stated.

However, English and Buckley said it was just in their nature to help people when they saw a need.




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