Two coffee shop owners in Oak Grove, Oregon, put friendship before competition W…

Two coffee shop owners in Oak Grove, Oregon, put friendship before competition Wednesday to walk through a crisis together.

When Dave McAdams and his wife, Tina, opened The Local Coffee Company (@thelocalcoffeeco) one year ago, they had no idea their lives were about to take a drastic turn.

Dave was recently diagnosed with inoperable cancer in his lymph nodes and doctors said he has only a few weeks left to live, according to WDSU.

However, when Pixie Adams, the owner of Moonlight Coffeehouse, which sits just a mile away, heard about the family’s struggles, she decided to take matters into her own hands. “She closed her own shop for a day and ran ours,” Tina said.

From 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., the drive-thru line was bumper to bumper. By the end of the day, the tiny coffee stand had raised a record-breaking $3,000 in sales and donations, according to KPTV. “I knew that I had to do something to help them keep their business afloat so that Tina could be with Dave,” Pixie said. “So, I decided to take over their shop and throw all of the support I could through my business and my community their way.” Dave was a youth pastor and baseball coach whom the community has known and loved. “He just sees people for who they are,” said his wife, who is a breast cancer survivor. “He makes people feel like they’re the most important person to him.” Pixie noted that she views the McAdams as more than just rival business owners. “I will always consider them friends more than competitors, and this is what friends do,” she commented.

Tina echoed her kind words by stating, “For her to reach out as a community partner and want to help us, it totally means the world to us.” Thursday, the Moonlight Coffeehouse expressed its thanks to the community for their help in raising such a large amount of money. “There aren’t words enough to express how grateful we are for the chance to be there for another brave cancer warrior and help keep their beautiful small business successful while they savor their remaining time together,” the Facebook post read. “And to our Community… make doing what we do a privilege and an honor. Thank you for your never-ending support!” #binspirednews



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