Two dogs in #Huntington, #NewYork, are delivering happiness — and one other #ess…

Two dogs in #Huntington, #NewYork, are delivering happiness — and one other #essential — during the #coronavirus #pandemic.

When the health crisis hit, Six Harbors Brewing Company owners Mark and Karen Heuwetter became unsure of their future. “When it first came out, we were like, holy smokes, can we open? Can we close? What do we do? We had to redefine our business. We never had curbside, we never had delivery,” Mark recalled.

However, help came in the form of their two canine companions, Buddy and Barley, who began making beer deliveries so their owners could adhere to social distancing guidelines. “You really kind of can’t get close to people other than your own family members,” Karen noted, adding “The dogs kind of bring more of a connection for them.” Even though their business is down 60 to 70 percent from what it used to be, Karen said the #dogs have helped keep spirits up through the shutdown. “When they go out and make people smile, I think people really like that. In fact, people need that these days, so when they put a smile on people’s faces, they’re doing their job — which, by nature, is easy for them,” she commented.

April 8, the brewery shared a video to Instagram of the dogs making deliveries. “We’re doing whatever we can to get ourselves out there,” Mark said, adding that he was anxious about what the future holds regarding his business. “Are we nervous? Yeah, I am nervous. But hopefully, with the new options, we’ll be able to pay the bills and make a go of it,” he stated.

Instagram users praised the dogs for helping their owners and said they wished they lived closer so they too could receive a beer delivery. “Such good boys!” one person wrote. “Too bad the pups don’t deliver to FL,” another commented. #binspirednews



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