Two #policemen in #AtlanticCity, #NewJersey, are getting a lot of attention for …

Two #policemen in #AtlanticCity, #NewJersey, are getting a lot of attention for their bravery during an extremely dangerous situation Saturday.

Around 3:48 a.m., Atlantic City #Police Officers Chris Massey and Michael Kedziora responded to a call about a two-car motor vehicle crash on Route 30, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

The officers “arrived to find the front of one vehicle fully engulfed in flames and the driver, a 29-year-old city man, unconscious in the driver’s seat,” the article read.

Before they got to the scene, two fishermen, Jeramie Cassilis and Jeffrey Bordley, had already cut the man’s seatbelt, which authorities said was instrumental in his rescue, according to Fox 5.

However, the fishermen were unable to remove him due to the intense flames.

Bodycam footage showed the harrowing moments when the officers approached the vehicle and tried to figure out a way to get the driver to safety. “Can you pull it? Pull the door,” one officer asked as the second one reached inside the vehicle’s window. “Be careful, dude,” the first policeman said as his partner appeared to grab the unconscious man’s arm.

Finally, the officer was able to open the door and both men took hold of him as the flames grew higher. “Pull him out, pull him out, pull him out!” the first officer exclaimed as he and TriCare Medical Transportation EMT Matthew Brown dragged the man to safety. “We just pulled the guy out the car,” the policeman said into his radio before the video ended.

Later, both drivers involved in the crash were taken to the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center City Division with serious injuries.

Sunday, the department shared the footage on Twitter and followers expressed their appreciation for the officers’ bravery. “These are the officers that represent our great police force and they deserve credit,” one person commented. “The few bad apples shouldn’t taint the good image of the most that are for the greatest good of our communities. Thanks to these officers for saving the gentleman’s life!” #binspirednews



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