U.S. Coast Guard crewmembers rescued a dog swimming in the ocean off the coast o…

U.S. Coast Guard crewmembers rescued a dog swimming in the ocean off the coast of Fort Myers Beach, Florida, on Wednesday.

Video footage shared by the Coast Guard to Twitter on Thursday shows the moment the crew’s vessel comes alongside the dog as it slowly paddles away from Bowditch Point. “Come here, pup!” One of the crewmembers calls to the distressed canine. “Hey, where you going,” another asks as the dog as it swims to the front of the boat, away from their outstretched arms. “We’re gonna have to like, intercept him,” another is heard saying as the boat turns slightly toward the pup.

Moments later, the dog is finally close enough for the men to reach out and pull its body in from the choppy water. “How you doing buddy? You’re the best person I’ve ever rescued,” One of the crewmembers says to the dog as it shakes the water from its fur.

Wednesday, the U.S. Coast Guard Station Fort Myers Beach shared a photo of the dog and its rescuers to its Facebook page. “He’s a senior! That was a lot of work for him. Thanks Coast Guard!!” Facebook user Nicole Anne Nelson commented. “GREAT JOB HEROS!! Saving that old grey beard,” another user wrote.

That afternoon, the station thanked the crewmembers on the social media platform for saving the dog’s life and making sure it got back to its owner, safe and sound. “What a Day! There is a first for everything. While our crew was out underway for a night patrol, we received a call for a dog in distress swimming off Fort Myers Beach / Bowditch Point,” the station wrote. “Thanks to the crew’s expertise in intercepting non-compliant vessels (NCV) and recovering a person in the water (PIW), our ‘star’ of the night was safely recovered and returned to her owner! Amazing work Station Fort Myers Beach!” the post concluded. #binspirednews



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