Volunteer U.S. #firefighters and their compatriots from around the world have be…

Volunteer U.S. #firefighters and their compatriots from around the world have been publicly thanked by #Australia for their help over the past four months, courtesy of a billboard and video display in New York’s #TimesSquare.

Mammoth fires which ravaged the country’s most populous state of #NewSouthWales (NSW) were finally declared “contained” last week in an end to the worst bushfire season on record.

Their end came after a terrible summer in Australia that saw much of the East Coast go up in flames.
At least six firefighters were killed in #NSW, including three visiting water bomber aircrew who were among the 170 U.S. volunteers who gave up #Christmas at home to help Down Under.

The NSW Rural Fire Service said it had received an “incredible response” this season from helpers and the public and wanted to express its appreciation in the most public way possible. “We wanted to say ‘thank you’ in the biggest way possible and take our message to the world,” the service said.

The thank you message was run in a space donated by outdoor advertising outlet Silvercast, while ad agency Wunderman Thompson created the video itself.

The billboard is 60-foot high and in front of the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, one of the busiest pedestrian thoroughfares in the world.

Close to 90 percent of the firefighters battling the blazes this season had been volunteers. Australia’s main bushfire agencies are funded by the government but rely on many trained volunteers.

Contingents from Canada and New Zealand were also deployed alongside their U.S. compatriots to fight the blazes around the country. #binspirednews



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  1. No thanks to our #bullshit Prime Minister!!! #scomo #scottmorrisonwhereareyou @scottmorrisonmp

  2. Let’s not forget that it was coordinated arson that started this fire in the first place. Over a hundred people charged.

  3. It’s sad that these types of fires happen but it is always great to see volunteers from all over helping each other out, I live in rural Australia thankfully there were no fires near were I live but many of our fire crews when and helped out. I think I can talk for all Australians when I say how greatful we are to all the volunteers

  4. How did the worst fire in history that killed six men and over a BILLION animals start?

  5. Poor land resource management, the same is happening here in the USA. The real reason for extreme conflagrations.

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