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Influenza Vaccinations Administered in Pharmacies and Physician Medical Offices, United States

  • Since 2019, CDC has been exploring use of data obtained from IQVIAexternal icon as a source of information on vaccinations administered in retail pharmacies (include chain, mass merchandise, food stores, and independent pharmacies) and physician medical offices. These data are being presented publicly for the first time this season; further evaluations of these data are underway.
  • These projected pharmacy estimates include flu vaccinations that were billed for (i.e. claims) or paid by cash. Medical office projected estimates are claims-based only.
  • Vaccinations administered in other settings such as workplaces and community settings are not included in these data.
  • Figure 5. Weekly Cumulative Estimated Number of Influenza Vaccinations Administered in Pharmacies and Physician Medical Offices, Adults 18 years and older, United States, 2019-20 Compared with 2020-21, Data Source(s): IQVIA Pharmacy and Physician Medical Office Claims. Pharmacy Data are current through Week 47 ending Nov 21, 2020. Medical Office Data are current through Week 46 ending Nov 14, 2020 – View and Download Data

1) King, L. M., Bartoces, M., Fleming-Dutra, K. E., Roberts, R. M., & Hicks, L. A. (2020). Changes in US outpatient antibiotic prescriptions from 2011–2016. Clinical Infectious Diseases, 70(3), 370-377. 2) McLaughlin, J. M., Swerdlow, D. L., Khan, F., Will, O., Curry, A., Snow, V., … & Jodar, L. (2019). Disparities in uptake of 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine among older adults in the United States. Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics, 15(4), 841-849.

* National estimates for pharmacies and medical offices include vaccinations administered in 50 states and DC. National estimates for medical office vaccinations do not include doses where geographic information (i.e. which state the dose was administered in) was missing.

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