When Dustin Vitale’s mom, Gloria, was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer in …

When Dustin Vitale’s mom, Gloria, was diagnosed with terminal bladder cancer in 2020, he decided to take her on her dream trip to see the #pyramids in #Egypt.

The young man also wanted to bring their 14 family members but knew working as a middle school teacher in Philadelphia, he could not afford the $10,000 bill for everyone, according to CBS News.

However, Vitale thought he might raise the funds by selling cheesesteaks, even though he does not own a restaurant.

“I got a kitchen, though,” he explained.

Thanks to his mom’s recipe, the devoted son began making sandwiches and selling them to friends and family members, who helped spread the word.

It did not take long for people to arrive at his house for their orders.

“Get your mom to Egypt,” one customer told him.

Vitale shared photos in a Facebook post on March 8 of his sandwiches and asked for help in making his mom’s dream come true.

“You can support by purchasing a cheesesteak, chicken cheesesteak, or Buffalo chicken cheesesteak (all come with fries and a tooonnnn of meat) All for just $15!” he wrote, adding, “Thank you for your love, support and prayers!”

A food truck owner eventually offered his services and six weeks later, Vitale had raised $18,000.

“If she would have asked to go to the moon, I would have made that happen, as well,” he said of his beloved mom.

Thanks to Vitale’s hard work and some generous neighbors, their vacation is scheduled for later this year.

“The love, it’s overwhelming, you know,” Gloria commented.

Social media users praised the young man’s efforts and called him an inspiration.

“I love your story and the love for your Mom. She raised you well. Enjoy your trip,” one person commented.

“What a wonderful thing you are doing for your mom!!!! The people that all came to help was awesome!!! Prayers to your mom,” another said. #binspirednews



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