With the March release of #AQuietPlaceII postponed due to the #coronavirus #pand…

With the March release of #AQuietPlaceII postponed due to the #coronavirus #pandemic, actor-director #JohnKrasinski is using his down time to spread a little optimism with a new YouTube show dedicated exclusively to good news.

#SomeGoodNews debuted on Sunday on YouTube and has already racked up more than 1.2 million views. The low budget show features @JohnKrasinski anchoring a rundown of heartwarming stories that were sent in to him by his Twitter followers. For its first episode, the show brought in guest #SteveCarell for a virtual reunion of the two stars of NBC’s #TheOffice.

Among the show’s highlights is an interview with a 15-year-old cancer survivor whose story received national attention when her friends threw her a social-distancing welcome-home celebration.

#Krasinski also highlighted stories of healthcare workers around the world who are helping #COVID19 patients, as well as stories of neighborly kindness around the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

Krasinski reunited with Steve Carrel via Zoom to talk about the 15th anniversary of The Office, which debuted 15 years ago this week. “I know everybody is talking about a reunion. Hopefully one day, we get to reunite as people and just get to say hi,” Krasinski said.

While there’s no official word yet on how frequently he will record the show, Krasinski is encouraging his social media followers to keep sending him positive stories. “No matter how tough life can get, there’s always good in the world,” he said. #binspirednews



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18 thoughts on “With the March release of #AQuietPlaceII postponed due to the #coronavirus #pand…

  1. He had a really old typewriter on the shelf behind him, possibly a Corona. Same type Tom Hanks tweeted a picture of. Anyone else picking up what I’m laying down?

  2. I can’t wait to watch. They had a show about all good things in San Diego county in the 80’s. Best of luck to them.

  3. This has been pitched & tried so many times and no one watches. But good luck & I really hope it works.

  4. I think he’ll do a good job. I’m sure he’s left of center but you could have a reasonable conversation. I stop liking him after he made that POS promised land with leftist Matt Damon but he took a lot of crap for 13 hours and Jack Ryan, he didn’t apologize and stood up for the military.

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